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Bumps after face waxing.

Hi I had my face waxed two months ago and since than I have pimples/bumps on my face I cant get rid of. What should I do please help.
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Ingrown hairs!!! I always get these. It's the hair regrow th from the root trying to break through the skin and it can't so the body attacks it and fevers inflamed and swollen and filled with puss (I hate that word).. And they are so hard to pop. Use a warm compress on the area .. They will come to a head eventually. I know for me tweezing is better and results in less ingrown hairs. I get very dark facial hair for a women and thick so I have tried it all. Also sometimes the hair can be bleached and u can avoid removal all together .. Jolene is a brand that makes facial hair bleach. Works awesome and I have used it for 10 years now. Don't freak out the bumps will clear up. Waxing is harsh on the skin so try to use a cold compress and cool aloe Vera after it's done. When u rip the hair from the follicle it causes damage and stress to that area. Try the tweezing and the bleaching combo for unwanted hair because it sounds like u are sensitive like me. Ps if u are Mediterranean descent DO NOT USE A LAZER. It causes the hair to grow back worse unlike anyone will ever tell you. But it's true. Good luck I know the struggle.
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