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Bumps in mouth....HPV?

I had unprotected vaginal/oral sex with a guy who had a small bump and a smaller bump next to it on his penis, went ahead and had sex anyways unfortun. Anyways 3-4 mo, maybe sooner, maybe later, can't remember, I have had little bumps appear in my mouth in various spots. I have very tiny white bumps on my bottom, front, lower gums. Some are there now, some have gone.  On one incident, I believe before menstruation, I had several whitish, bigger bumps appear on my inner bottom left gum next to the molars that lasted for around a couple weeks. Maybe less. Now, they are gone but there is a small flesh colored bump where they were that I can feel with my tongue. Also, more recently (2 weeks ago is when I noticed it) on my inner bottom lip, I noticed a flesh colored bump (felt w tongue). It grew, then at about a week a couple days, started to shrink. By the time I made it to the gyno, he told me that it wasn't a wart, but a mucus membrane filling and emptying. Now, however, it is very small, and when I stretch my lip, it doesn't look like those other smooth, flesh colored mucus membranes, but it has a tiny, whiter appearance. Not really white, but more white. And, it looks more uneven, but it's almost non-existent now, so, hard to tell. I have also had vaginal itching and burning (gets worse @ menstruation) that is not due to bv, yeast, or any other STD's that they test for. I'm trying to figure out what is the cause. My gyno said I have no warts there, near the vulva where the itching/burning is taking place, and that he can't explain the itching/burning. I was told that oral warts are very rare, and that they don't come and go as I describe, but then I also can't find another possible explanation for the bumps. They are painless, btw. And, can't genital warts cause itching and burning w/o warts present? I was told that a gyno can easily diagnose warts visually, but then I've read that some warts can be so small that they have to use a solution to make them noticeable.
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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum!

Your descriptions of sequence of events, look of oral lesions and genital pruritus are not indicative of HPV infection.

We all have “white bumps” inside our mouth. Those are mucous glands, physiologically sometimes more noticeable and palpable, sometimes less visible (“come and go” depending on amount of mucus).

Oral Condylomata acuminata are very rare. However, when they appear they do not “come and go”.

Genital Condylomata acuminata are detectable visually if present, asymptomatic HPV infection is not.

Genital itching could be a symptom of contact irritation or allergy (many chemicals applied to vaginal area can cause dermatitis), infection (usually yeast infection), stress, etc. Investigate together with your gynecologist.

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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