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Bumps like moles appeared in perineum region

I started a new job that requires long hours of walking and in constant heat. I was sweating a lot and started using a baby powder to absorb the sweat because I was developing a painful skin irritation. After using this for about a month, I developed what looks like patches of moles - they don’t hurt or itch. At first I thought it was scabbing from the initial rash. Or I was allergic to the powder, so I discontinued use. However, they seem to spreading. Little bumps from the anus area and now almost up to the vaginal area so I’m starting to get nervous. There’s no itching or pain or anything, they look like little tiny moles that are darker skin color and then some of them have gotten bigger. I’m afraid of the C word but the way it started with a skin irritation makes me wonder if it could be something else. I don’t sleep around and I’ve been with the same person for years and we’ve both been tested before we got together. He’s not the cheating type nor does he have time for it and I know I haven’t. I’m not dismissing a delayed STD I’ve read it can take decades for genitalia warts but these don’t look like warts it looks like moles. Lots of pin head sized moles that are now growing. I still work the same job I’m on my feet for hours walking and sweating. Could this be an irritation without the pain/itching? Any suggestions on what I’m looking at before approaching a doctor I have two family members who have cancer (pancreatic and breast) and I am really scared of it being something weird like that out of nowhere.
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It very well could be an irritation, but the only way for you to know for sure is to have a doctor take a look- they will need an in person exam and some time to gather a bit more of your medical history in order to give you a much more accurate idea of what the cause is.
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