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Bumps on skin just below the eye

For at least three weeks now, I have had small bumps appearing just below my right eye.  The bumps are not on the lower lid, but they appear immediately below the lower lid.  I have had three episodes in as many weeks with brief periods between when there were none.  The bumps are no more than 1/16" in diameter and mostly are smaller -- probably 1/32". The episodes have all begun the same way -- one bump arising overnight so that it is first seen when I awaken then one or two more arise the next night.  The bumps do not itch, hurt, or have any sensation whatsoever. They dissappear after about three days.  The second time and during this current outbreak I apply some acne medication containing salacylic (sp?) acid which seemed to shorten the duration -- they just sort of slough or flake off. The bumps do not form a postule or become open nor appear filled with anything.
    As to causes, here is some info to help you (or red herrings).  I take the following medications daily: Lexapro 10mg per day; Trazadone 50mg once nightly; Singulair 10mg per day; Advair 250/50mg 2x daily, Propecia 1mg daily, Penlac 8% applied once daily to two toe nails; OTC Sudafed as needed (most days).  I recently had a cold sore for which I took Valtrex 500mg x 2 twice daily (2000mg per day) for three days.
    The first episode was about five days after taking the Valtrex (the first and only time I have ever taken it). I have not changed any of the soaps that I use or moisturizer. I do apply a moisturizer daily that contains salacylic acid. I also began taking large doses of Fish Oil (5000mg per day) about six weeks ago after reading a news story that some asthma sufferers -- specifically exercise asthma -- had reduced symptoms when taking 5000mg or more of Fish Oil daily.
    Also, I have dry eyes, so I use artificial tear drops several times a day and thicker lubricating drops at bedtime.  But I have been doing this for years in both eyes.
    Lastly, about 90 days ago, I visited a spa where I had a facial.  That night, my lower eyelid of my right eye became swollen (extremely puffy)or inflamed (but no redness).  It was swollen for a day or so gradually shrinking to puffy for about a week and then it was fine.  I had never had this happen before.  The bumps did not appear at this time and did not appear until two months later, so I do not suggest a connection, but I do not want to omit anything that may be pertinent.
    I am a 41 year old male, 5'-10" 150 lbs in good shape with no medical issues other than asthma and allergies.  My skin is normal to dry, medium complection (hazel eyes, brown hair)free of acne problems.
   Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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I really can't think of anything other than blocked follicles.  Perhaps the artificial tears....?  None of the other factors you mentioned makes any sense as a cause.  I can't think of any significance to your overall health either.  If acne medicine helps a bit, that seems reasonable.  Showing them to a dermatologist would appear to be the right course.


Dr. Rockoff
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