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Burned Lip Discoloration

I burned my lip, while drinking hot coffee, several years ago. A layer of my skip peeled from inside of my mouth, and lower lip. The skin color returned in mouth,but not my lower lip. It still has burned spots, which are pink. Even though it doesn't hurt anymore, I am always feeling uncomfortable, because people stare at my lower lip. I have even used lip stick, but it seem to make matters worse. I'm open to suggestions.
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To be honest, as you burned your lips some years ago, it should have healed by now.  It is unlikely to get any better.

You could see your doctor just to check out the pink burned spots on your lip, just to make sure it is nothing else that a special cream might help.
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Thanks.  For years, I was able to ignore the quick glances from people when engaged in face to face conversations. A few days ago, as I was talking to a stranger, the look of disguss, appeared on the person's face. A sort of turned-up-the-nose-look, that made me cringe. I  ended our talk, and walked away.I can hide the spots with lipstick, but it seem to bring on more discoloraton. I found out about Medhelp.org a few days ago, and thought I'd ask my question.
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I know how you feel.  I felt awful when the skin on my face was really bad with Rosacea.

Shame you have to suffer this all these years without any help.
Go and see your doctor so that he can check the lip skin and refer you to a determotologist for advice and help.

I'd be inclined, if some one is staring at you when you are talking with them, to tell them what how it happened.  You'll find you'll get more sympathy that way.

Best wishes.
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Thanks again. You've made me feel better about my appearence,today. There have been times, when I did bring up my lip problem, out of the blue, whenever the silence, and glances seemed to be towards me. Those are the times when someone would offer a suggestion or two. I would then feel relaxed. I do feel that my day goes better, when I don't dwell on what my lip may look like to someone else. My husband and family don't give it a thought. They encourage me by stating that people don't stare as much as I think they do. LoL. This do make me laugh. To you I say, keep the Faith and confidence too.
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Nice to know you have a supportive family.

I remember some years ago I had a problem on my lip and the doctor sent me to the dermatologist.  They just said if  grows bigger come back.  Then I remembered I got splattered with hot fat when I was cooking bacon.  It was only one splat, I don't even know where it is now.

I have a big mole on my face and a class 3 jaw and was always self conscious about that.  But as I have got older I'm not too bothered now, and my family say it's a part of me.

I am glad you feel better about talking about it and that I have helped you somewhat (?).  But, it is bothering you from time to time and because it is, talk to your doctor about it.

God bless.
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I will follow through with my primary care physician, again. I'll ask to be referred a specialist, this time.   Have a Blessed weekend.
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