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Burning in penis when sitting

I appologize for the length of this post in advance.

I have been seeing a girl for almost a year now and we both have not had any other sexual encounters at all with anyone else in the time we have been seeing each other, nor have we experienced symptoms of any STDs in our lives.  When we met she had not had any type of sexual activity with anyone in 3 years and i had not been with anyone for almost a year. Prior to her i was with someone for almost 3 years.

About 2 1/2 months ago i noticed a sudden patch of dry skin on the side of my penis. The skin appeared to be peeling much like a sunburn does and seemed to be aggravated by rubbing it.  We had sex the night before and i did not shower afterwards (not good i know). Later that night the patch had all but dissapeared but several days afterwards felt very irritated by any type of friction.  Days later i noticed a piece of dry skin on the underneath of my penis and tried to pull it off thinking it was not attached. It was attached and I decided to pull it off.  When i did i more or less ripped it off leaving a sore area there.  This spot stayed irritated for a few days and then suddenly out of nowhere a puffy, red, painless area popped up in the same spot i pulled the skin off and i paniced and went to the ER fearing the worst.  The doctor examined the area and determined that this was a skin infection after i told him the story. He did no tests only examination of the area. He gave me 500mg of Cephalexin and a script for keflex. The next morning i woke up and examined the area and the spot was more or less gone. There appeared to be a scab in its place and i decided not to get the script filled at that time.  It seemed that for the next few days i would wash the scab off and it would come back. Finally i tried some neosporin on the spot and it seemed to go away overnight completely.

That whole incedent went on for about 3 weeks or so.  Now im having this problem where i have burning in my penis that seems to radiate from different spots. The burn comes and goes, and is absent in the mornings when i wake up. It usually flairs up in the later part of the day. It seems to radiate inside the shaft below the head, sometimes deep inside where the shaft meets the body just above the testicles, and sometimes below the testicles. Heres the kicker and what i cant seem to understand. If it is burning at the time and i stand up the burn goes away and i feel absolutely nothing. There is no discharge, occasional burn AFTER i uriniate but that may all be in my head, nothing appears to be swollen or red.

This has been a huge problem over the last couple of months, and is beginning to affect me mentally more so than physically. I have an appointment scheduled a few days from now but was hoping you might have an opinion.

Thanks for the help in advance!      
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I think you had irritation, aggravated by trauma.  I t sounds as though that's gone, only to be replaced by anxiety symptoms.  If you need additional reassurance, have a urologist evaluate your burning, etc.  Then, when you find out all is well, forget about it.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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You really need to post this in the mens health. Click on forums.
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Have you seen a urologist?  It could be that something irritated the prostate.  Sitting down puts pressure on the prostate which can refer pain and burning to penis and groin area.  Something to look into if your problems persist.
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Well i went back to the doctor again and he did a urinalysis and an x-ray to check for kidney stones.  He said he saw something but was unsure of what it was, but could be a stone.
Urinalysis came back clean.  He gave me bactrim and said it would cover the prostate if it was bacterial.  Hopefully it will clear up otherwise a urologist is in my near future

Thanks for the comment btw
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In case anyone who has read this thread and is having the same symptoms, i went to the urologist today and was diagnosed with acute prostatitis.  Put me on cipro 500mg and flowmax.  Good luck to anyone with these problems
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I have the same prob., burning in penis.  I assumed it was prostatitis and still do.  I am seeing Urologist and things are not getting better.   Actually pain in penis is just mild now, but burning pain when sitting still happening after 4.5 months.  80 days of Cipro (antibiotic) did not fix it.  7 weeks of Naproxen anti-inflamatory gave me ulcers in the stomach so now I'm taking Nexium to fix that prob.   Flomax gave me heart palpitations and panic attacks so switched to Alfuzosin (Alpha-blocker) with similar prob. but after two weeks I can tolerate it now.   Flomax always worked in the past.
I have a feeling Flomax will open up your prostate to the point that the penis pain will
stop.   However, you may have to take it for quite a long time before things remain better.  I'm not a doctor, just someone with a similar condition.  I wish I could sit longer and get back to work after 4.5 months off the job.  Regards, GB  
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