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my body is more susceptible to form keloids in abdomen area. im 21 year old . now im infected with chicken pox and i need to know whether all the crusts of chiken pox will form a keloid. please help me regarding this, is there any way to avoid them .

thank you
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How are you feeling?
I am sorry to say but after chickenpox, the scars would go on to develop keloids especially when you are prone to it.
A keloid can occur after surgery, after major skin trauma but also after very minor skin damage, such as an acne spots. It is also possible to develop a keloid even if there has been no obvious damage to the skin at all.
With this kind of information it is indeed difficult to say whether you can really avoid getting those keloids.
I am sure you are aware of Keloid treatment. If not, then Triamcinolone 10–20 mg per ml intralesional; cryotherapy; silicone gel sheet; compression dressing; superficial orthovoltage, radiation therapy; surgical excision with postoperative interferon or imiquimod will help.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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Hi Jain,

Thanks for the fine information. i would like to know whether all the scars will transform into a keloid. those which are in the face too will turn to keloid or it may not / please give me a light on to that. i would like to know whether these keloid treatments give good results ..

thanks Jain.
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Keloids usually occur on the upper chest and shoulders - particularly over the breastbone (sternum) - and on the earlobes.
In dark skin individuals they very often occur in the beard area and on the scalp.
Injections of a steroid (triamcinolone) are up to date the most successful treatment.
After 4-6 sessions keloids usually become flat and the same colour as the surrounding skin.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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Hi, That i have used a lot of creams,  sun scream products and powers whether is it infected to my chicken pox or lead to keloid or not?
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