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Can foot ringworm transfer to scalp?

I had ringworm a couple of weeks ago. Before doctor's diagnosis, I had popped the liquid from vesicles not knowing what they were. I don't remember touching my scalp and I was careful enough to wash my hands everytime. I was prescribed ointment and it went away within a week. During that same time, I had pink eye and I did the ointment for that too. Now my scalp has been having excessive hairloss especially around the temporal region. I also have itchiness, but not too much, some usual pimples, and burning sensation. My lymph nodes are nonexistent to very small. Could it be ringworm? Should I go to the doctor? Oh, and my foot ringworm resurfaced again, same area but only one. My dog doesn't have it but I do alot of gardening and the weather has been humid.
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Ringworm is a fungal infection, so I would imagine if you have it in one area, you could get it in another.  For ringworm on the scalp, you do need to see a doctor for medication to treat it.  I'd say it's worth a trip to the doctor to verify what is going on and get a treatment plan together.  
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Okay, thank you for your time and help.
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