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Causes for persistent skin dryness, cracks & bleeding?

For several years, the skin on my hands periodically becomes degradated: the back of the palm gets very dry, the side of the fingers becomes irritated/red, and I get skin cracks on either side of the nails, on all fingers. I used to think this was due to some combination of cold weather and stress, but I'm beginning to doubt that. This conditions backs off when I apply skin moisturiser, but it keeps coming back regularly. Is this cause for concern? In the worst case scenario, something like this could indicate Bowen's disease, HPV or actinic keratosis - although casual questioning of a dermatologist friend some time ago suggested this to be unlikely.

I wasn't able to attach my photos here, so I've uploaded them on a free image hosting website in case anyone has time to have a look and suggest an answer. Thanks in advance!

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If it only happens in the winter, it's cold weather and not stress.  Using moisturizer is great comfort and we all do it, but once you start doing it, your body responds and feels really dry without it.  Some will say that a lack of essential fats in the diet causes dry skin.  But I eat a lot of them and every winter I get exactly what you're describing, although I'm active in the outdoors in the winter.  
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Thank you, this is helpful. It may indeed be that this  happens more in the colder seasons - haven't really noticed. But yes, overusing moisturizers definitely does you no favours in the end. Thanks again!
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