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Causes for red cheeks? Anyone else have something similar?

[16; Female; 5 '8; 136lbs]

So to keep this short, I have red cheeks. It's been present for all of my life and it's one of my main insecurities.

No other redness is apparent on my apart from my cheeks. No bumps, veins, and burning on them, it's just a solid, smooth redness that fades near my mouth and somewhat in the middle of my cheek. Cold weather somewhat  makes it fade slightly to a more pink color, and if I stretch the skin on my cheeks, the redness disappears until I stop stretching. I'm also quite fair, so they stick out like a sore thumb.

They flush from the usual situations: exercise, embarrassment, heat, spice, etc. I tend to avoid spice to see if it made a difference and nothing has changed. I have a pretty healthy diet: salads, chicken, fruits (I don't see the connection but it's here just in case). I've been to a doctor  and he has said not to worry about it. I'm seeing if I can get to a derm for additional info.

People tend to point them out and it gets on my nerves, so I've been researching for an answer. From Google, it's definitely not rosacea, and kprf since they are not dry at all.
From Google, this looks similar to the redness: dy6g3i6a1660s.cloudfront.net/bD-Py1CEP736nLgbtkDJVQHgAoA/cl.jpg

Thanks in advance
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Have you ever discussed rosacea with a doctor, not just Doctor Google? It doesn't have to be dry. The triggers for rosacea are numerous, and could easily have been around your whole life. (They include sun exposure, stress, hot weather, wind, exercise, alcohol consumption, hot baths, spicy foods, skin-care products, hot beverages, and some medications.) Definitely talk to a dermatologist, they should know what direction to go for a diagnosis.
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I have been to a doctor before, however, he said it's normal and it should go away by age 12-14 and not to  worry about it. I kept up on my acne routine but they are still red.
From the post, I meant I was going to go to another derm for more recent info. And thanks for the info.
Your doctor who was dismissive about it sounds like a doofus. I'm glad you're going to see a derm. Here's a good article about the emotional effect of having rosacea, if you haven't seen it. One thing several of the women said is that the dermatologist was able to tell them at once what they had. That would be better than doctor dumbhead patting you on the head and telling you to run along.

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