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Cheaper alternatives for menscience products ??

Hello Doctor Jankicevic,
                                  I recently started using the Menscience line of facial wash and lotion,microfine scrub,and shaving cream.I've found that these products do a great job at treating my combination skin.However,the products are very expensive for what ends up being just enough to last a month.I was wondering if you could recommend some similar products with the same active ingredients as I don't think I can continue to spend upwards of $100 per month for 4 products.Any alternative suggestions would be appreciated.The key benefits and ingredients for product are listed on the links below.

Thank you,




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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum, Derek!

We completely understand your situation but you have probably noticed that content of answers at our expert forum is educational not promotional. Therefore, we try not to mention any brand names, but only generic names of drugs and names of certain ingredients when we write about cosmeceuticals and cosmetic products. There are quite a few men cosmetic lines on the market. You can easily google them under ‘men cosmetic products’ or men cosmetic products reviews’, etc.), and find those with some of preferred ingredients.  Had you provided us with detailed description of your skin concerns, we would have been able to recommend some ingredients to look for in skin care products.

Basic facts to have in mind when choosing skincare products are:
1. Less expensive  products often have less active ingredients;
2. Less expensive products usually contain lower concentrations of some active ingredients;
3. Choice of other ingredients, qualitatively and quantitatively can significantly differ; that can make some products more or less allergenic, comedogenic, environmentally friendly, etc.

Another aspect to take into consideration is lifestyle (nutrition, physical, emotional and social activity, etc.). Systemic effect of positive lifestyle changes can be noticed on skin.

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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Just bumping my post for a response.

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