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I developed chickenpox all over my body face and even genitals.
Initially the blisters caused itch but after 2/3days it started giving me the feeling of burning. I soaked in baking soda and water for 20 minutes and came out of tub without washing it off. After hours later, I applied calamine lotion. Now room temperature is 88F at night and my body's temperature is at 98F and now
:- I'm feeling hot but no fever.
:- I'm not producing any sweat.(should I be worried?
:-my chickenpox are disappearing like going back into the skin without bursting or scabbing.

:-Do I go to the doctor or what?
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Ugh, this is when you wish you'd gotten the vaccine, right? Luckily it is on a major decline to get chicken pox which are pretty miserable. But that doesn't help since you have them. It sounds like they are diminishing though. How long have you had them? They are highly contagious so hopefully you have been away from people and protecting others from it. Chicken pox usually lasts 4 to 7 days. The oatmeal bath was good. Hopefully that helped with itching. You don't want to itch the pox as that's how scarring is caused. I don't know your age but adults are at greater risk from complications from the pox. Fever is actually common. Your room is pretty hot in general or maybe that is normal for you. 98 degrees is not a fever. If you reach 100 degrees, that's a fever. This is the normal course of chicken pox :  
Once the chickenpox rash appears, it goes through three phases: Raised pink or red bumps (papules), which break out over several days. Small fluid-filled blisters (vesicles), which form in about one day and then break and leak. Crusts and scabs, which cover the broken blisters and take several more days to heal.

Have you had blisters yet? I think that what you describe is not yet the full course of chicken pox. CALL your doctor. That's my best advice. They may or may not want to see you but can guide you. (only reason they wouldn't want to see you is to keep the pox from spreading to other people). Can you do that? My doctor will take a message about a situation and call back.
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