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Chronic Contact Dermatitis on penis and scrotum

About 4 years ago i had a case of molluscum contagiosum on my genital area. The doctor prescribed me aldara to treat it. I used the cream for a period of about 3 months. During the treatment the skin on my penis and scrotum got real red and irritated. I used the cream twice a day and i also showered twice a day during the treatment. Well when i eventually stopped using aldara the dry red irritated skin never went away. Ive been on elidel, protopic, hydracortisone along with just general creams and moisturisers over the years and its still dry, red, and irritated down there. It doesn't itch or anything. i just feel a little irritation down there every now and again. When im erect i can see some flaking on my penis, but I have to look real close to see it. Plus it gets pretty red when i masturbate. Thankfully it hasn't  got any worse, but it hasn't  got any better either. This has to be Chronic Contact Dermatitis right? I guess what i really want to ask is:

Will it ever get better on its own?


If my skin hasn't got any worse thus far, do you think it will get worse in the future?

I really don't want the skin on my penis to become so thick that i cannot feel sexual pleasure anymore. Its one of my biggest fears. It really doesn't matter if i use creams on it multiple times a day or not. it just looks the same anyways. I usually dont bother with using a moisturiser every day anymore. i only moisturise after i take a shower. which is about once every 2-3 days. Can you please help me out? Thanks for your time.
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I will try.

Molluscum and its treatment does not cause permanent skin damage.  What it seems to have done in your case is to cause you to look more closely at your penis than you really should.

As in:  "When im erect i can see some flaking on my penis, but I have to look real close to see it.."

From your description, I think that there is nothing wrong with your penis at all.  Therefore, you have no reason to be concened that you have chronic dermatitis now or that your skin will get so thik you won't be able to enjoy sex (which by the way doesn't happen even in people who d have severe dermatitis down there.)

So think you should just forget about your penis and turn your attention elsewhere.  Use nothing medicated, only moisture lotion if you feel dry.


Dr. Rockoff
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well maybe my condition doesnt sound dramatic enough for you but i do know that i do in fact have dermatitis. For instance both sides of my scrotum are red and dry and isnt smooth. yet on the bottom of my scrotum where the medicine didnt come in contact with it. the skin is not red, and its smooth. my entire penis is reddish and dry. i guess its mild since it doesnt itch or anything. you didnt answer the main thing i wanted to know. if it is indeed chronic contact dermatitis. is it still possible for it to go away on its own sometime later in my life? thx.
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