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Chronic Urticaria

My husband has has chronic urticaria for over 29 years and sought treatment 15 years ago with no luck. The lastest problem is when he sometimes turns quickly to the right he feels as if he is going to back out and had a mri which showed an angioma and he is to followup with another mri next month. I am concerned that this could be urticarial vascitis  after researching urticaria. Here is is past medical history in depth some of this may not be relevant:

Developed childhood nephritis and was hospitalized at age of 7.
Developed Chronic urticaria around the age of 15 or 16.
Needed glasses at the age of 21 and never wore glasses as a child and has had a significant vision changes through the years. Vision in left eye is -4.50 and right eye is -3.25.
Recently within the last few years developed a strange rash (itchy) on one leg for at least a year that would not respond to creams (fungal and dermatitis)  
Several year history of right side ringing in ear and blockage that has required cleaning. (same side as jaw thightness,last tooth abcess)
Dental history on his multiple root canals.
Last abcess was followed by symptoms of jaw pain,muscle spasm,tightness, daily headaches (which are still present.
Began having black out feeling when he would turn quickly to the right (same side as the last tooth abcess.
Went in for MRI of the Brain which indicated that he had a brain angioma and would followup in 4 months with another MRI to see if there were any changes.
There was no other areas in the brain with multiple angioma's. It was a single angioma.

Questions I am researching for this condition:

Can an infection (autoimmune urticaria, vascitis,systemic mastocytosis,Pseudotumor cerebri, ) be causing his chronic urticaria and other dental issues?
Could an infection lay dormant for years then cause inflamation later?
Due to his chronic urticaria is it possible that the tooth abcesses the infection spread to his brain causing inflamation or vascitis to develop?
Are there centers in the US that treat this condition?  
Are there specialist that could guide my husbands physician to do testing. He has not been tested in over 15 years.


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