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Chronic itch with bumps

About 3 months ago, i had a 2 spots above both knees that itched, no marks no bumps.  then it spread to my inner thighs then outer thighs by the hip waist line.  This itch was going on 24 hours a day. It got worse, 2 weeks went by, i went to immediate care and explained what’s going on. Was given a cream to use, cream did nothing for me. A couple weeks went by and i went to ER as i couldn’t sleep or function day to day. Doc said could be fungus as there was no marks, i was prescribed prednisone and hydroxyzine for itch. It seem like it made it worse, i went back to ER the following week as i was struggling and desperate, the itching spread to my back, lats, and butt . Doctor did blood work, HIV, liver and kidney disease and stds, Everything came back normal. I was prescribed a antibacterial wash and clindamycin cream and melatonin for sleep. None of these meds did anything for me. Slowly i started noticing red marks and bumps all over my back, butt, inner thighs and groin. They are red to pink smooth and would develop a white head on some of them. My stomach and waistline began to itch severely as well. I took an app with a dermatologist and went, she said looks like eczema (wasn’t convinced) sold me a bunch of creams to help resolve along with doxycycline. I’m 2.5 months in and I’m going crazy, some of these bumps would turn dark in the middle, i reached out to an md and made an appointment. In the meantime i discovered that anytime i ate gluten my body would go crazy itch would get worse and my neck and back would just turn red and severe itching… i cut out gluten. And suspected celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis (not related to herpes) at this point my stomach back thighs and chins are starting to get more bumps and bleed from scratching, skin feels like it has acid on it, burning, and itching 24 hours… Waiting on blood work panels for lipids, thyroid and celiac disease.. then in the past 2 weeks my wife and 1 if my 4 children started itching in the same spots. And now I’m panicking because i do not want them to go through what I’m going through especially the kiddo. I’m having doubts it’s celiac due to them getting it and this possibly being contagious. My other 3 children are not showing any signs.. hot shower usually makes it feel better…
Now my elbows knees. Inside of hands by thumb, between knuckles, around armpits (the worst) and fingers is itching as well but no bumps or rash, just sever itching.
Keep in mind i have tried everything changing laundry detergent to buying new cloth. If anyone experienced something like this please shed some light on it. As I’m getting passed around from one doctor to the next. My stool was not normal, i developed a hemorrhoid as well in the beginning, soft stool, frothy, and bad smell. This has improved however when i stopped gluten from my diet recently.. I’m fairly healthy and rarely get sick but this has put a dent in me. These bumps are painful as well on my butt. The ones on my chins are not the same they are more like same level as skin with a top that’s been scraped off. Also above my ankles my skin is tender and when i feel around my veins it’s also painful.. no fever, no headaches, no vomiting, or any flu like symptoms this entire time… I’m not sure if i can upload pics but if i can i will…

I was in Costa Rica at the end of march beg of april i was bit by sandflys and had itching for a couple
Weeks and it went away. 4 months later is when this itch started. I do not think it’s related but just putting it here…
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i feel for you.  i would like to see some pics.  if you have google, make a link and copy and paste it here.  eat no sugar at all, no potatoes, bread, cereal see what happens in the meantime.  
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After 3 months of 2 doctors, 2 ER doctors, 2 dermatologist, and 1 allergist. None of them could tell me what’s wrong. It turned out to be scabies! Yes scabies! So much for our health system. My kids pediatrician gave me the diagnoses . Premrethrin and oral ivermectin and I’m cured!  
omg no way.  which doctor found it?
happy for you.
A pediatrician found it..

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