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Cluster of moles

Can a single mole start to cluster and multiply in a single area after 34yrs?   When I was 11yrs old, I noticed a single mole outside of the vaginal area just below the crease of my inner leg.  It was flat and never bothered me.   I have noticed within the last month, several moles clustered together in that same area.  Now there is a line of tiny moles in the crease of my legs on the panty lines.   I can hardly feel them.  I just see them when in the shower.   The spot with the original mole has now started to itch quite often.   I'm hardly ever sick, so I don't go to the doctor often.   Is there something I can do to get rid of them or stop the itch?
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How are you doing?
Yes there is a possibility that new mole develop in the vicinity of an existing mole over a period of time. Whenever any new moles develop, or there is any change in the color or size or itching or bleeding in an existing mole, it may indicate some precancerous changes. However, many a times moles develop due to changes in skin pigmentation and do not have any clinical significance.
Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer which can spread to several parts of the body. Melanoma occurs due to changes in the melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) of skin. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and presence of a family history is a leading factor in the development of melanoma. If any abnormal cells are seen, the entire mole and a margin of normal tissue around it need to be removed. Usually once a mole has been removed, chances of recurrence are minimal.
I suggest it is better to seek a dermatologist opinion who may order biopsy if he feels.
Take care

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Thank you so much for the information.   As my mother was diagnosed with intraocular melanoma about six years ago.   She was sent to several doctors in and out of state.  After about the 3rd biopsy, the team of doctors could not find any trace of melano.  ( We Thank and  Praise God for that report).    Just two weeks ago, she was told the melanoma was back.   She had surgery today and is fine.    This started me to wondering what was happening to me.
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