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Clusters (6-10) of puss filled or blister bumps on buttocks itch and burn

Please help I have had this happen to me three times. I have these bumps that keep appear on my butt. They come in a cluster of 6-8 & are itchy, burning , stinging, irritated & looks like puss in them. They keep coming and going . The first time it happened was two years ago. They itch like hell & was near my crack of the butt. They started out with small puss filled bumps & itch & burned & hurt a little. After a few days they popped & more puss I didn’t know what to do but only added ointment cream to it. After a few weeks it went away but then again it came back in the same area about a year later but more cluster with the same symptoms. So I used the same ointment & a few weeks it went away . Now a couple of months it came back again but on my lower butt near the cuff area with the same symptoms. In clusters small filled puss bumps look like blisters itch like hell & hurts when I sit down burning and stinging. I don’t know what’s going on and now I’m considering going to the doctor because I don’t know why it keeps coming back & the itching and burning is irritating especially on my butt please help .
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