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Cold Sore

Hi my question is about cold sores. About a month ago I got, what i believe was a cold sore (first ever outbreak). I first noticed two small blisteres in the area right above my lip line. Within the first day the blisters had grew and were swollen and also moved down to cover the top portion of my upper lip. Within about 10 days the blister crust over and the scab also feel off. The skin underneath the blister was slightly red, it looked irritated. I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought it would heal in just days. But as of today the skin affected by this sore still looks irritated. The area now is more of a dark red color. It doesn't hurt although it does itch sometimes. Is it normal for a cold sore to last this long and for it to leave irritated skin? Could it possilbly be something else like syphilis?
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I have been afflicted with the cold sore (herpes simplex, mouth only) virus since my teens I am now 51.  Here are a few really good things to help you.  Sorry, it's a virus in your body forever, it rests at the base of the spine.  Don't kiss or let anyone use your lip glosses, lipsticks, ect, you could infect them, forever.  I got the virus from my husband when we were dating, and it wasn't even visible on him.
I've gotten these tips through friends and my own experiences through the years.
Herpes is agrivated when you eat a combination of chocolate and peanuts or chocolate and cashews or sometimes just peanuts or cashews.  Other nuts seem to be okay to eat.
High fructose corn syrup causes the virus to flare up so really read your labels. Soda pop is full of HFC syrup so if you have to ... drink diet drinks.  I don't drink any soda.
Your menstration cycle can affect when you will get a cold sore(s).
The sun is terrible for causing a major outbreak.  Always use a sunscreen for your lips.
An over the counter ointment called Abreeva seems to help a little, and may keep it from coming out and helps the sore to heal.  Also, don't  pick the sore, it could spread wherever that clear fluid touches, the best thing is don't touch it at all.
A prescription medication called FAMVIR 250 mg. always helps me if I feel one coming on.  They are VERY expensive but I only take one when I feel one coming on and it almost never comes out.  They have just come out with a generic called FAMCICLOVIR TAB that is a little bit less expensive and I take it now and it seems to work just as well. My dentist or regular doctor have prescribed these for me.
My lips seem to have some scarring from this virus, but not really too noticable.
Cold sores are  embarrassing but they do go away.  Take care.
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Also, if you think you may have syphilis, see a doctor.
Also, I do kiss my husbands mouth when I do not have a visible sore.
My first cold sore was really bad, it itched, had alot of clear fluid and really was sore and it took a long time to heal.
I really do think the first one is the worst, because you don't know what it is, Think,did you kiss anyone with a sore on their mouth, never do that.
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Based on what you have posted this may be a case of herpes simplex type 1 infection. Cold sores usually involve the insides of the mouth. In your case the outer lining of the lip is involved. Still both conditions may be due to the HSV type 1 virus. An HSV type 1 infection usually presents as clusters of vesicles on a reddish base. They are slightly painful .A slight burning or tingling sensation may be noted.

Do you have a significant sexual history that may strengthen the diagnosis of syphilis?

I suggest that you refrain from biting or licking the lip. If you are a smoker than modifying the smoking habit may help to avoid further disruption of the mouth's lining. Wash your hands always and avoid sharing towels. Refrain from intimate contact until this has been properly assessed by your physician.

An impetigo may also be a possible differential.

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Go to your local chemist and find out if they have Blistex DCT ( Daily Conditioning Treatment) for lips. It has SPF and is a great ointment to use daily as is works as lip gloss. It worked for me, I hope it helps you.
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