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Cold sore scab

This past sunday I woke up and noticed that my bottom lip was really swollen and I had a cold sore in the middle of my lip. I picked up some abreva and I have been applying in to my lip every hr. Today is day 4 and I have this HUGE yellow scab in the middle of my lip that is really embarrassing. I dont want to even leave my home. It started scabbing up yesterday but I made the terrible mistake of putting a cotton ball on my lip with a bandaid on top of it. I guess I thought that it would help it heal faster. Well after realizing this was a bad move I took the bandaid and cotton ball off around 4pm. I began applying the abreva every hr again and the scab started coming back. Now the scab is hard, and yellow. How long does the scabbing phase usually last? Also do I keep applying the abreva to my lip during the scabbing phase?
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  The area where the cold sore is might have been irritated or inflamed.
It might be best to leave the area alone for a while and if it doesn't improve
see your doctor as it may have become infected. I had the same issue
with a minor cut on my hand that became infected. My doctor explained
that reapplying the same topical cream as a person can never completely disinfect their hands caused it to spread to the topical antibiotic cream
container itself.
  The band aid and cotton ball may have potentially worsened things so it would be best not to reapply them and discard the containers. Your doctor or pharmacist could tell you what might be more of help instead. Also ask
them if the Abreva cream itself may have been contaminated
from reapplying it which is a potential. If the condition doesn't go away or worsens at any time make sure to see your doctor.
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