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Complete Chicken Pox Scar Removal For Adults

I'm 24 now and I have 3 chicken pox scars on my face from when I was about 10 years old. The 3 chicken pox scars are round depressions in my face, that are on the side of my nose, a half inch below my eye and an inch below my eye all on the same side of my face, so it looks sort of funny (think connect the dots) and I'm VERY self conscious about these now.

Now that I'm older and have the money I would like to try to remove these chicken pox scars. I'm interested in the best treatment that will remove these scars as close to 100% as possible without leaving any additional scars or scar like areas in the place of the depressions.

Can anyone tell me what procedures would most likely achieve the best results and suggest any top notch doctors around the US that could do this? I am willing to travel for treatment to see a top specialist if needed.
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Your concern can be understood. Skin infections such as chicken pox do leave scars behind. Scarring often occurs after chickenpox, especially in older children and adults. The scars are round and “punched-out” in appearance, and are commonly called pock marks. Most pock marks come from spots that were not picked or scratched, and mild cases of chickenpox cause pock marks as often as more severe cases.

There are many treatments available for scarring depending on the persons requirements and suitability. These treatments can be beneficial to varying degrees and your doctor is the best person to decide which is best suitable.

As a general guide the treatment options range from local applications, superficial procedures such as microdermabrasion to lasers and cosmetic surgery. To treat chicken pox scars skin specialists first reduce underlying fibrous adhesions and later  either perform a dermal filler or stimulate new collagen growth with  Non Ablative Laser Rejuvenation.

It will be difficult to recommend a particular treatment to you but there are many options and medicinal products available. The best would be to talk to your doctor and then decide which treatment works best.

It is also important to understand that the skin has its own repair mechanism and gradually the repair would bring significant change. At the same time, medications have their limitations and there is a limit to which they can benefit.

Hope this helped you in some way.

Let us know if you may have any other questions.

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Thank you so much for your response! I'm still unsure of who, or even what kind of doctor, to go see about this specific issue. It doesn't sound like I would want to go to a basic dermatologist. It sounds more like I would want to see a plastic surgeon or laser specialist? Is that accurate?

I'm very concerned about who to go see in particular because I'm scared that if I see the wrong person that the area may look worse after! I would probably like to have one spot treated first to see the results before continuing with the other 2.

How does one "first reduce underlying fibrous adhesions in simple terms? Would the doctor be cutting the scar?
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A skin specialist would be able to help you. You could try demelanising agents such as hydroquinone till then.

You would not need a plastic surgeon surgeon or laser specialist. The doctor would not be cutting the scars.

Post us if you need any further information and let us know about how you are doing.


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I am interested in getting my chicken pox scars removed as well. I have had them for well over eight years now.

I was considering using excisions to get them removed. I have heard about using lasers and fillers but I don't understand how treatment that is superficial on the skin could repair the scars that run deep into the tissues of the skin. The chicken pox scars are more like depressions or indents in the skin.

Any advice of help would be appreciated. Thank you
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Yes i have a similar problem. I have had 3 major chicken pox scars on my forehes]ad and am desperate to get rid of them. Ive had them for 8 years and was wondering if there was a way I could get rid of them close to 100%

Please help me
Thank you
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im 15 years old, and i have a chicken pox scars about 14 years, it is just 1cm below my right eye, i wish that u could tell me some ideas on remove it , Or  introducing a singapore doctor that wont cost a bomb.  

im looking forward for your reply , thank you.

your sincerly : zhimeng

please contract me : zhimeng_1994***@****
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