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Constant chapped lip, PLEASE help.

Thank you for your time. I am a 26 year old male. I have a clean bill of medical health aside from diabetes. Excellent skin, except for the right corner of my lip seems to stay "chapped" all the time. I have looked at images of a fever blister and it is definitely NOT a fever blister. It's like the skin peels outward in small little "shingles" as it would with chapped lips on the main part of the lip. I may tend to sleep on my right side, and suspect that I may drool a little (lol) and cause this? I do have poor oral health and have lost most of my natural teeth due to diabetes. I also likely have less saliva than the average person due to occasional to often high blood sugars. I hope I've been descriptive, as I've included every thing I thought could be remotely relevant. Please help point me toward a solution for this. It is not painful, but very annoying and probably not the most attractive thing. THANK YOU! - JF
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Come on, y'all... nothing at all? I would be ever grateful for any help.

- J
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Are you using and chapstick or anything?
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Some times... but it doesn't seem to help much... never used it in a consecutive stretch, though (every night)... it just seems to make it easier to pick the chapped part off in the morning... lol.
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You might want to start there.  I have to be very careful with what I put on my lips.  No sunscreen , nothing too minty, and nothing with color.  I use Burts Bee's that all natural and it really help.  Living in the north my lips get horrible.  I've had years where they would bleed all the time.  I also make sure I drink lots and lots of water because it seems like my lips are the first things to get dry when I'm not hydrated.  I'm no expert but hope this helps.  I
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