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Could my cat be bringing in bird mites, I know he kills and and eats birds.

I have bites on my chest ,breasts, stomach, probably a dozen at any given time and translucent eggs thAt fAll out of my hair, and im constantly picking the lint bugs off fur future, bed, and clothing, I called the exterminator and he there were no bugs, I showed him bottle that I had collected some of the lint bugs and asked him what about these? And he told me that was nothing! A d he hurriedly like I was off my rocker! Also I find these red or blue fibers about 1/4 " ,I do not own anything in those colors! They look like wool fibers. Help me prove we are not suffering illogicallyly to the exact same delusion! Either the medical community is scared to tell us the cause, or they are incredibly incurious about this growing horror, surely some of them must have encountered the phenomenon and consulted their colleagues!

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Have you shown the bugs to a doctor?  The wool fibers of a different color, other then what you own are not too odd- many times fibers of different colors can be wound together to create a totally different color on a product- so it may just be you have a blend of colors in something and some of them are shedding.  If you are getting bit and have samples of the bugs, take them to a doctor.  
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