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Cracked Bleeding Skin - HELP!

the last few years I have noticed a problem with the tips of my fingers they start to become cracked to the point of bleeding. It seems mostly concentrated on my pinky, ring finger and now my middle finger, on both hands, I have had healthy skin all my life to this point. I believe its just severe dryness but if that is the case then why isn't the rest of my hand starting to dry out? Also my wife and my fater (he doesn't live with me) both have the same condition? This also gets worse in the cold months and far less in the summer months. What can I do to treat this?
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I have suffered with cracked finger tips starting late fall through the winter into early spring.  The last few years I started using BandAid liquid bandage which was wonderful as it "glued" the crack shut and also healed it and wore off as the crack healed.  Unfortunately, Johnson and Johnson discontinued the old formula with the bottle and activator swab and substituted a new formula that does not work at all.  It already has the "supposed" crack healer on the swab and can be removed with alcohol.  The old formula had to be removed if you wanted with baby oil.  As I use alcohol on the cracks before I applied the liquid bandage that probably did not help it to adhere although even when I did not use alcohol it did nothing for the crack -- just washed off very quickly.  The old formula healed in 24 hours.

Luckily I have found a substitute called Glueshield which contains a cyanoacrylate like the old Bandaid product.  It sometimes doesn't work as fast depending on the size and depth of the crack but it is better than anything else out there.  I have tried them all..............   Believe me, it is wonderful to be able to type, get washed without using finger cots or vinyl gloves, etc.  Johnson and Johnson made a boo boo when they changed the formula.

To all those out there with this problem that is the best substitute and you don't need band aids on every finger (which is useless anyway).  Can't even wash your hands.  I am so glad I found them.
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corn huskers lotion works well. Use it every night.
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