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Cracking Fingertips

My husband has severe cracking, bleeding fingertips, with some of the fingers appearing to have lost layers of skin up to the underside of the finger nail.  He has gone to two dermatologist who have given him creams to apply, the latest Ultravate Ointment, twice a day, but told him that there wasn't much he could do except maybe change jobs (He is equipment operator/construction).  They said it was not eczema or an alergy.

The cracking and bleeding have gotten so bad, a fingertip will split just zipping up a zipper.  It is effecting every aspect of our life.

I have heard that he should try Anhydrous lanolin.  Any thoughts on what we can do?

Thank you.

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Your husband may have eczema, or it may be an allergy to something at work.  If the condition is affecting him that much, then he ought to be evaluated and treated much more aggressively.  This could involve applying creams under plastic wrapping overnight for a period of time, getting allergy patch testing done, or possibly other measures.  You ought to look into this as soon as you can.


Dr. Rockoff
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