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Cyclical Acne

I have a problem.  I do not know whether it is Acne or not.  I am 25 year old female.  I started having this problem around age 18.  I get pimples over my face, like on nose, some one cheeks, many around lips - on a monthly basis.  They come and they go.  I have started to notice sometimes it is connected to my monthly period.  I do not know how to stop this, and also, my skin is starting to scar from so many times pimples appearing then disappearing.  If I go to dermatologist, they give me hardcore pimpl medication which just is to stop a pimple or destroy one.  Is there any long-term method or care that I can use to avoid this problem and make my skin better?  My mother has diabetes and high cholestrol and heart problems and my father has high blood pressure.  Thanks.  
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How are you feeling?
Cyclical acne is probably due to progesterone being low.
One of cause I feel is many women suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with mild to severe symptoms. Some of the hallmarks are acne, hirsuitism, obesity, infertility, hypertension, irregular cycles, and impaired glucose tolerance. These can be present in many combinations or by themselves with varying degrees of severity. The ovaries have multiple cysts on them and result in abnormally low progesterone levels.
Are there any other symptoms you are suffering from?
It is possible that your progesterone levels are low and help to flare the acne just at the time that the progesterone levels are the most important…during the post peak or luteal phase (right before your period). If the progesterone levels were to be checked and found to be low, you could easily be supplemented with human equivalent progesterone (Prometrium) during the luteal phase. To properly check the progesterone levels, you would need to get a level on peak day +3, peak day +5, peak day +7, peak day + 9, and peak day +11.
I think you need to consult and discuss with your gynecologist about this.
Hope this helps.
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