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Cyst on penis getting worse (sebaceous cyst or pimple?)

Good day.

I need help badly because this small pimple on my penis as it started out, now turned into a big cyst pimple thing that I can't even tell what it is exactly. I have searched online and only found one thread related to my case. Unfortunately, the topic started last post was 3 years ago. I am really worried about my condition.

Here some info.

It doesn't hurt when I touch it. If I do touch it, it stings a little. If I try to move it around, it seems not to be attached to the penis muscle. I can't be from sex or masturbation because my last activity with my GF was 2 weeks ago and when I masturbate I don't generally hit that part of my penis.

I really don't want to see a doctor about it as well, unless that would be a last resort.
It seems to be hard and sometimes soft this bump. I really hope its just a zit.

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Ok, i saw the pic and it does look like a cystic pimple to me. It could have been initially caused by an ingrown hair and it looks like it got infected. Can you try applying some warm compress on it, to see if it causes a drainage? a cystic pimple will usually not drain this way, but should go away on its own.

You could also try applying some benzoyl peroxide (anti- acne med in the form of gel or cream) on it, and see if that helps at all
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Hi! thanks for your reply. I tried apply Clindamyncin Phosphate to it and it kinda made it worse. Made it more red and protruded. This was a day ago. I think  benzoyl peroxide would be better, thank you.

Also I accidentally popped it while trying to remove some dry skin on top of the thing. Yellow puss came out when I drained it then eventually turned brown. Strange enough there was no blood. I just placed a bandaid on it. As of the
moment it seems like it is completed deflated.  
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