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DRY DRY skin

I have very dry skin .... its not excema its not in patchs... its just when i shower my arms... legs... stomach are soo dry and i HAVE to moisterize otherwise my skin is all flakey, itchy and tight during the day.... Summer times are not so bad .. although my face has always been dry in places and ive had to keep it moitserized during summer and winter months too..by the end of the day my skin is flaky again this has on going for years and its getting so frustrating
Is there something that i can do.. i drink so much water and i dont use soaps. Im pregnant so im limited to medical treatment...Can anyone suggest anything to help a bit better?!
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I use Aveeno lotion everyday, drink a lot of water, avoid hot or long showers..

It sucks I have it to but mines is basically under control now
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hydrocortisone cream.
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How about using plain glycerin from the drugstore before you dry off when you come out of the shower.  A drop or two of glycerin with a drop or two of water works nicely.

Also, you may have the heat on high and no humidity.  I would suggest lowering the heat a little and getting a humidifier or filling a large bowl with water and putting it near a heat source.

Also, are you getting enough rest?  I find that my skin is sensitive when I have not had enough rest.

Also, take warm showers instead of hot in the winter so your skin doesn't dry out as much.

Those are just a few ideas that may help you.
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hey, I also have skin problems, excually skin problem is the only problems I have related to my body. My heels are insanely dry (can't sleep with silk sheats -.-) and my hands are always dry. I get stretch marks because I have so dry and thin skin, and I get exem. But my skin is driest during the winter (and i live in Island, great! ) And i can't go to tanning beds anymore because I get really tanned and then my skin gets dryer and the tan gets uneven on my hands and my cheeks.
What works best for me is a cream my doctor gave me and there are steroids in it, so try something that has steroids. (but i was given the cream for the exem, but it is supposed to work on dry skin.)
also if you eat one spoon of natural olive oil a day, or take a bath with olive oil.
baby oil is also good for me :)
And shea butter is great, i bought a cream i Greece wich has shea butter, olive oil, a, e vitamins and herbs or something and it hydrates so well i used to get pimpels when i used to much of it, but just one hehe :)
(sorry about my english) hope I helped you a little bit :)
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When I was pregnant I had aligator skin,  something that helps is change your detergent to ALL FREE and the softner sheets too,  I didnt realize that was most of my dry skin problem was because i was allergic to detergent,  Huge difference,  having my baby seemed to make it 80% better, even the next day in the hospital i noticed a huge difference the pain from the dry skin and scaley look was gone, babies just take a lot out of your skin.  Good Luck and Congratulations
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