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Dark Circles under eyes

Does anyone know how to make dark circles lighter i am fair skin and they show tremendously i wear cover up makeup and it still shows thru  i was going to go to a darker shade of cover up but it wont match my neck area etc...  has anyone tried oil of olay  the one that is suppose to help in this area it goes for 20 something dollars and i wasnt going to waste my money if it doesnt do much.
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do you have asthma? ever since a car accident 20 yrs ago I have developed asthma, but also have the dark circles under my eyes. One doctor said he didnt know why, but all of his atopic asthmatic patients have them. Afriend of a friend recently moved from a  greater metro area, to a small rural community. Her sons dark circles cleared up, suggesting allergies were involved in his previous town....
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Thanks for responding, i havent checked this site in a few days or so, I was never tested for asthma but i dont have any wheezing  or are there other sympoms with asthma? i have my dark circles i believe because my sinuses are very blocked not breathing well through my nose just trying to find something to really cover them up someone suggested circle delete i just havent had the money yet to buy it but i eventually will try the circle delete. keep in touch
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