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Dark Colour lips

Hi, I am a 27-year-old male, currently over the past 12 months both my lips are changing colour to a dark blue\black colour. This is only on my lips and a colour difference is visible comparing to the inside of my mouth.

I do smoke, currently average of 5 per day, i do not drink tea or coffee.

I wish to restore the colour of my lips to the natural "pink" colour they should be. Its a problem as its getting worse now, Can you advise me,  what & how to do??? Is there any products available to help me?

Lastly is this a common problem? its making me feel uncomfortable as people are starting notice this when having a conversation, your help & advice would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks
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I am really not sure.  I suspect that the color is something touching your lips from the outside, rather than something from within.  I advise you to catalogue any chemicals, colorants, dyes in oral products like toothpaste, or anything that could be coming in contact with your lips.  I then advise you to see a skin doctor and to bring any photographs which might document the extent of the change you believe you are seeing.


Dr. Rockoff
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hello there. i hope all is well. before i used to smoke i used to have pink lips. now after smoking soo much i have black lips. i know that is due to smoking and not due to drinking tea as ive did that all my life. stop smoking sunnyv to further discolour yr lips. i u have found a way of restoring natural colour to yr lips then plz let me know. or if anyone has plz let me no. thanks a million. ***@**** is my email add.
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