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Dark Spots/Splotches on My legs

I'm female and 28 with spider evins. I notcied this year I've been getting dark spots all over my legs. I've never had them before, just my spider veins. But now they're coming up more and more, and found out that if I switch to a not so good spider vein cream more will come up in different areas. But once I find a good spider vein cream and stay on it for a month they all go away and won't come back, until I switch to another cream. (Trying to find a cheap cream that works for me.)
My legs don't get any sun 'at all' either. I was 185lbs. and dropped to 160 where my weight stays and my work involves me doing a lot of work/walking. My legs stay ellevated and I wear compression socks without crossing my legs. But my veins I got from my mom.
So what is this and what causes it?
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From your symptoms vascular dermatitis and stasis dermatitis should be ruled out. Keep on wearing the compression stockings and increase muscle activity with walking, Avoid standing in place for long periods of time, Avoid sitting with the feet dependent.
Limit salt intake, do not abuse diuretics, but a short-term course may be helpful,
do not abuse laxatives, Drink plenty of water, Avoid contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy if possible.

I hope it helps. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
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I would see a doctor about this, but many around here are horrible. The closet one of any worth is about 200 miles away.
My yearly check-ups are of no use, darn nurse open the door once and left it open, with me open as well for all to see.
One doctor said my shoulder might break in three days, so goes to send me out the door without a sling, and I had to tell him to give me a sling. Then he prescribes me what I'm allergic to, I would have gone to the ER the following week.
Many doctors around her are good only if you're sick, anything above that and they're complete idiots.
So right now I'm trying to find a solution myself. When we get bills paid and everything out of the way, I'm saving up for laser surgery.

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i have black spots on my legs they look like fungus they're itchy at times when i itch them my skin turns white because of me scatchin in the area where the spots are it's very dry when i rub my hands against them it feels like sand paper and i honestly have no idea what it is i am embarressed to wear shorts because it stands out and it is only between my cabs and ankles.
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