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Dark areas on lips

In a matter of a couple of days, my lips starting having dark spots: a patch in the center of my lower lip and patch near the corner of my lower lip.  On my upper lip is a dark spot left of center.  I noticed the problem after having a bout of dry, flaky skin on my lips.  I made the mistake of peeling the dry skin off and the next day the spots were there.  My lips are still sore even though I regularly moisturize them and always have.  I have pink lips and the spots are very unattractive.  What caused it (as I've never had this problem before) and what should I do to make the spots go away?
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Freckles on the lips can look like what you describe, but those don't come on so fast.  I'm really not sure what these spots are.  To find out, and to remove them if needed, you'll need to see a doctor, preferable a dermatologist, who will be most likely to do what's needed.  Bleaching creams aren't much use in this location.


Dr. Rockoff
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Hi. I have only one dark spot in the centre of my lower lip. This has not always been there. Do u think this could be just a freckle. have you had any medical advice concerning yourself?
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I have a brownish mark on my bottom lip, it's been there around 3 weeks, i'm not sure what it is but it doesn't hurt or ache or anything like that.  It is not a mole, and it appears to be on the epidermis and not to go down too deep, although i can't really tell.  When i push around the sides it splits apart and i can see right through it.  I think it might be some sort of pigmentation, or a blood blister, but I'm not sure.  Any advice or comments or anything?
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