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Dark patches/spot on the skin - Very weird

Hello. I've got these dark patches on my skin: http://imgur.com/PhuVk (the big one to the right of the pic-rib area)
I have another one of the same size just under the armpit(at the joint, not in the arm pit)
These two are about 1.5-2cm in their greatest length and i have no idea when they appeared as being in these areas it was difficult to notice them. I have them for 4 months but probably started around 6 months ago. I had another one behind my neck, smaller, last summer, i believe the same shade, but it's now gone.
In the last month smaller spots(0.5cm) have appeared in the abs area, 2 defined, and another 3 that might be the same thing.
They have no known symptoms so far, another than being darker than normal skin. They are NOT itchy.

I'm 21 years old now, stopped my non-often smoking, and started bodybuilding last October. No junk food, proper nutrition so i don't believe that has something to do with(as i follow the same nutrition from october)

I am going to a dermatologist plus i'll do check-up blood analysis as i go back in my country in June, as now in UK i have exams and NHS will take too long to take a look.

I did some research but i couldn't find anything. The only cause i can think of, is contact with my ex which had some form of pytiriasis the last time (around January) i was with her. So i could be affected by that (though i saw pictures in google and they are red not brown, i don't know if there is a different form though)

I'm posting here because of the new spots appeared in the abs area, got me worried.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,

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The reason as to why you got is due to excess sweating (workout). Generally canesten creme is effective but do consult doc to be sure.
Best wishes.
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Tinea versicolor(Yeast)- photodiagnosis.
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After looking online for 2 hours, the closest symptoms i could find matching my problem is Pityriasis Rosea. Additionally from the time i started bodybuilding, i got very immune to flu, whereby in the past i got one very easily. I don't know if this can contribute to milder than normal effects from other diseases like this one.
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