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Dark pigmentation around cheek & eye area

I'm an african american with medium tone skin  I have developed some type of dark pigment on my face near my eye area and it extends to my upper cheek area.  It looks as if some one has given me two black eyes.  It's very noticable I've been going to the Dermatologist for the past five years and have been prescribed so many different kinds of skin creams, gels, hydroquinine creams and nothing seems to helps, it just turns it red and then get darker.   I've tried lots of OTC creams all to no avail.  I look like raccoon eyes, I'm desperate for help.  I'm 50 years old but it makes me look 80.  My appearance has ruined how I feel about myself.  I really need help.  I think my Dermatologist don't know what and how to treat my skin tone.  Could this be some form of malasma?
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I too am a 45 yr old african-american women with the exact problem you have but I have had very dark cicles since i was 15 years old everybody always asking who gave me the black eyes I have tried everything too because they are awful and they are taking away my looks . When I was 19 my mother took me to a doctor in Los Angeles and he gave me some bleach that peeled away all the dark skin he is old now and does not make it anymore but that is the only thing that works beside dermablend to cover them up ,also with that broken capillary thing im going to try that hydroeyes or laser next .
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Thanks for the comment, atleast now I know that I'm not alone.  I've tried dermablend but could not get the right tone for coverage.  I'm getting really down about this.  This morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror it was really dark.  Some days it appears darker.  I can't find anything to cover it. Needless to say I have hot flashes that cause every makeup I put on to melt off when I have a power surge.  Do you think there's any help in sight?
Hey ! I'm an 18 year old girl.. I seem to have the same problem like you ..im an Indian.my complexion is neither dark not too fair but it seems as if the dark circles have got extended to  the side of the face  ..it really bothers me n make me feel bad all the time .. Is there any help?
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Hyperpigmentation Removal treatments are used to eradicate darkened areas of the skin which may result from hormones, sun damage, injuries, skin-type characteristics, medications and more.  Hyperpigmentation lesions can be anything from melasma/cholasma often attributed to pregnancy or hormonal imbalances to freckles.

The treatments vary from melanin blocking agents combined with topical medications such as Retin A which causes the body to exfoliate the skin to rid the body of the hyperpigmentation while prohibiting new melanin production to laser treatments.  The treatments wholly depend upon your needs and skin type.  

For standard non-hormone induced hyperpigmentations Hydroquinone usually reduces or removes hyperpigmentations very effectively. It is a bleaching agent. Also always use sunscreen/sunblock as dark areas on exposure to sunlight turn darker still. For some patients with severe hyperpigmentation,surgical and cosmetic intervention may help.

You can access more information on the foll. website

Wearing sunscreen and avoiding the use of abrasive cleansers and cosmetics for the face may help. Get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet everyday.

It would be advisable to consult a skin specialist for your symptoms and a proper clinical examination.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us on how you are doing.


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I feel for you Jamine, I have the opposite - white panda eyes! I look like I have been sunbathing with sunglasses on and spend hours every day trying to blend in the colour with makeup. I don't know if it is lack of pigment in my eye area or excess pigmentation on my cheeks. I have stopped taking my pill to see if that helps :) Good luck x
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I'm 27, I've had dark circles around my eyes since I was 13 and then the dark cheeks came when I was around 16. From then to now I've observed my situation and realized that weight gain worsens the dark areas so try losing weight if ur not fit you'll def see a change. Always wear sunscreen, spf35 is what I use, and always keep ur face moisturized and ur body hydrated with water. Reduce salt intake and I promise you'll see a chance.  Also, a dermo has told me regular glycolic peels administered in a dermo office (not on ur own at home) will gradually lighten  these spots. Mine has lightened with just losing weight, maintaining a skincare regimen, using spf n diet but its not completely gone...good enough for me. For makeup, try sephora's makeup forever concealer around ur eyes before putting on foundation, it goes nowhere...even try it on ur cheeks. My spots like I said r lighter but I ve learned that this is me.   Love urself flaws n all. Bests!
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I am 36 years old and I too suffer with dark circles around the eyes and a brownish patch that extends from my upper cheeks.  It's embarrassing and makes me self conscious.  I too have been suffering with this for years. I also notice that losing weight reduces the darkening of that area. I am researching a connection to intestinal tract issue and other hormonal or organs including vitamin deficiencies that could be related to why only that area of the face is affected.  Not bleaching my skin and going MJ no way!!!
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Please let me know if you found any thing that works.My dark spots are getting bigger and makeup doesn't hide them.***@****
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Ask your doctor to check for a fungus.  I had the same problem for years, when I finally found the right dermatologist.  She recommend nizoral soap or weekly shots.  I used the soap twice a day for a few weeks it cleared up. Have your doctor test your skin for a fungus.  Good luck!!!
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