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Dark skin around lips

am a female , 30 years , Bahrain ( Arabian Gulf ), i have dark skin around my lips ( moustache area and under lower lips area) which looks like i have a moustache ??!!!!
for hair removing,, i use threading technique...
i also have dark skin on my fingers joints which looks ugly  
Would you please help me wtih this ??!!
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Hyper pigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin.

Darkened skin patches can become darker or more pronounced when skin is exposed to the sun. This happens because melanin absorbs the energy of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays in order to protect he skin from overexposure.

You will need to start wearing a "broad spectrum” sunscreen i.e. one which blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
Skin lightening agents like Hydroquinone 2-4% are available which can be applied to the affected area, twice daily. It will require at least 2-3 months for the skin to improve.
For the darkened knuckles you can apply topical creams that contain as the active ingredient salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid (lactic or glycolic acid), urea, or tretinoin.

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Dark skin around your lips can be due to cigarette smoking, a wrong toothpaste or tanning. No matter what the causes are but a patch of dark skin around your lips look distressing and annoying.

To get rid of the dark skin around your lips, you can follow the below mentioned home remedies:

*Prepare a mixture of rice flour and curd.
Apply this mixture on your skin around the lips and leave fro about 10 minutes. Wash off with plain water.

*Combination of curd, lemon juice and honey can also prove to be beneficial for lightening the dark skin around your lips.
Apply this combination on the affected skin area and notice a visible difference within few days.

*Lettuce juice can also be used as a pack around the lips. This helps in removing the dark patch.

*Prepare a combination of lime juice and grated cucumber. Apply this on the affected skin area and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

*Chick pea power blended into a paste by adding water can be effectively used for lightening the dark skin around your lips.

*You can even try rubbing lemon slice on the skin around your lips.

*Quit smoking as smoke from cigarette can further darken the skin around your lips.

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I have read that hydroquinone is carcinogen, it has been banned in lots of countries, this should be probably the last option that a dermatologist might prescribe for the pigmentation issue and it should be applied only on the affected area. But my dermatologist prescribed me to use 4% of it all over my face and neck for 3 month at my first appointment while I am suffering for hyper-pigmentation on my upper lip due to threading! I have bought the cream but haven't used it yet for bad reviews. What should I do?
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You can apply orange peel powder to lighten your lips. Orange peels are immensely helpful in lightening your facial skin as well as your dark lips. You can also apply a paste of turmeric powder, lemon juice and milk cream on your lips to make the dark colour of your lips normal.
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