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Dark spot and Blisters.

a strange spot, irregular in shape , darker than the skin appeared just above my ankle a month ago . it appeared before
that i don't remember when but it lasted for few days and disappeared , but now it won't disappear , instead of that ,
a red soft blisters keep appearing and pooping on that spot, but after two or three blisters the start to fade slowly but
didn't disappear completely  . i didn't touch that area , and don't hurt me or feel any kind of pain .
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Possibly 'Erythema-ab-igne' -from your recent reply (Relating to heat source)
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That is probably a basal cell carcinoma.  You want to make an appointment to have that taken off.  It's not a big deal if you do it in a timely manner.  
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A fixed drug eruption. Any medications on? Do consult your Doc.
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no i don't take any kind of medications at the moment , only one thing i forgot to mention , this part of my leg always exposed to heat , but not very high heat and also not a sun heat , it's electrical heat by heater .
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