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Deeply Distraught!! Need medical advice. Are these warts?

Dear Doctor:

Last month I was listening to a radio program where they were describing VPH symptoms. I then noticed that I had some pimples (a small patch) underside my penis just where the shaft meets the frenelum. (I'm circumcised). I can't really remember when they appeared and as far as I'm concerned they have always been there, a little less noticeable though.

I went to a physician (urologist) and asked him what the pimples were. He took a look at them and told me that there was a "small wart" over that area. Then he asked me to start applying aldara and to take a test named "urethral VPH PCR" (?) to "determine the strain of VPH" I had.

So I took the test (an awfully painful experience) and applied aldara for over two weeks. It turn out that the 2-week tests were NEGATIVE: no strain of VPH . So once again I paid visit to the same physician and asked him what the results meant and he told me "You see you have nothing to worry about you are healthy!!". Man, his first impression is that I have VPH and then he says "you are healthy". Then he took another look at the affected area and told me to stop taking aldara for 15 days and then resume what was left of the treatment.

I then asked him whether I had to talk about the subject with my current partner. He told me not to do so cause I had no disease. Then I further asked him what to do if my sexual partner gets VPH and throws the blame on me. He told me to show her the results and tell her she got it somewhere else.

As the treatment with aldara is over and I still have the pimples and THEY LOOK AND FEEL VERY MUCH LIKE WARTS (I have been browsing the net and looking at some pics) I wonder whether it is worth consulting another physician, going back to the same physician (as he asked) or keep applying aldara. I wonder whether the pimples are really warts.

I'm really looking forward to having a family of my own. I want to have children. I want my wife to be free of cervical cancer I don't want to be the cause of it!!!. I'm really loosing my mind on this.

Please, I would like to hear you medical insights. Here are some pics:


Thank you very much and God bless you!!
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