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Dermatitis in the back of knee

Noticed it about a year ago, looking like in an insect bite (had a dozen all around my body, been in a rural area for a few days). Located in the back of the knee, exactly where the skin folds. Started as 6mm, now around 13mm in diameter. Affected skin got very thick. Goes from brown to extreme red when it itches, very uncomfortable. It starts itching when  knee is bent and skin folds, by sweat, stress or when clothes touch the area. Did tests on biopsy to rule out other diseses, MD diagnosed it as a reactive dermatitis.
Applied topical Dermovate for more than a month some time ago, months later now MD prescribed it again.
Picture available here https://postimg.cc/m1NdGQVq
Some background: Age 43, 78kg, mild asthma triggered only by extreme effort or infection (otherwise not an issue), some dust and pollen allergies, otherwise healthy, yet with a sensitive skin, can develop a rash in minutes from a sligtly scratchy chothing in stress situations. Had a similar condition, around 8mm in diameter on the lower leg, close to the ankle, where the sock streched. That one did not react to any medicine, even got infected once from scratching, but healed by itself after 10 years, in my 30's.
Because the current condition affects an area that is more prone to touching/folding and it expands apparently faster, I would be interested in any advice/treatment.
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