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I am a fit 30s something male.  I was circumcised as a baby.  The way I healed from the circumcision left several stitch tunnels, some skin build up, and I also have a noticeable area of discoloration, darker pigment on part of the crown (area between shaft and glans).  Despite keeping the area very clean, I can't prevent debris from building up in the stitch tunnels.  I am thinking of going to a Dermatologist to see if he can open them and remove the excess skin.  The other thing that seems to bother me is the area of darker discoloration, it has a bit of build up or thickness to it, but not much.  None of this is new.  I have had skin check ups before and no doctor has ever commented on the discoloration, a few ask about my circumcision build up, but all dismissed everything as benign.

I wanted to get your thought on if it is worth doing anything about the stitch tunnels and what this area of discoloration is ... granted, its been this way as long as I can remember.

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Dear max2025,

Thanks for writing in.

Circumcision can result in discoloration of the glans and that is seen in many cases of circumcision. Tunnels left after the surgery and excess tissue is an after effect of poorly done surgery but is nothing that you need to worry about. Surgery is the only option for taking care of the tunnels. However, the discoloration will stay as it is normal.
In case there is no pain or increase in the amount of hypertrophic tissue, you can avoid undergoing any procedure. However, if this bothers you and you want to get rid of it, then a repeat corrective surgery is the only option.

The lesions are absolutely benign and don’t have any carcinogenic potential. You just need to keep the area clean.

The tunnels become filled with debris as a result of normal secretions.

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