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Discolored Brown Bottom Lips

I have had this problem since March now and  we re already almost in August 2009. The first time what happened was all of a sudden my lips started turning a brownish color, just the bottom part. then it started turner darker and darker till it got really dark brownish, then after a week or so it started getting lighter and ligher almost seeming as if it was going away btu it didnt and its alreayd august. It looks really gross, especialy in pictures coz looks like dirt on the bottom of my ip. it just looks like a stain on the bottom and i dont know what to do. I got an appt with a dermatologust but i still have to wait till october for the appt. It gets really dry, itchy at times and feels like my vaseline doesnt work...at night ill put on vaseline on my lips, by the mornign my lips look fine, but once i wash it i can se the browness again on the bottom lips. my innner lip area is totally pink, like there is nothig wrong, it jkust seems to be on the bottom lip. could it be the toothpaste? i changed that...could it be something im eating? somethign im not eating? all im using is carmex for now. could it be a cold sore that just got complicated b./c i might have been wearing lipgloss or lipstick when i got the cold sore. any info would be great since i still have to wait 3 months for my appt and am getting quite worred now.

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can anyone help please with any suggestions or past experiences similar.????? thanks!
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