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Discolored Lips

About a year ago, i randomly began losing the pink color in my lips. At first I thought it would just heal on its own,but it hasn't. My outer lips range in a blue-purplish color and i have a few black spots on my inner lip. I really don't know what is wrong. I have never smoked or done drugs in my whole life (18 years). I admit I love coffee, I have it about once sometimes twice a day. I rarely go out in the sun/cold weather , but if i do it is not for long periods of time. I have been to a doctor about it when it first happened and he said it was nothing to worry about and it would heal on its own. But i believe now it has become way worse. I have tried chapstick, petroleum jelly. I try to get in a lot of water in my body, but water is not always completely accessible at all times.  I want to visit my doctor again but I am not able to do for reasons that are personal.  I try not to let it bother me, but I feel so self-conscious. Whenever people comment on them I just want to burst out in tears. SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ANY AT-HOME TREATMENTS , PLEASE SAY SO IT WILL BE A GREAT HELP. ANYTHING THAT YOU THINK IS RELATED PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN. I WOULD APPRECIATE GREATLY. Please help me , I am going crazy!
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Hi, ok it seems like iv had the same problem as you....since march iv had this problem, would be really dry but now is discoloried with a dark bownish tint, it lioooks like dirt on my lips basically...it does make me selc concious too, i went to a dermatologist and they said its POst-inflammatory hyperpigmenation on my lips from an contact dermatisi. i dont know exactly wut that means but basically its hyperpigmenation on my lips, she said there is no wway to get rid of it, just time, but its been 6 months and i really dont kno wut to do as its emabarassing etc....maybe we can try helping eachother if its the same problem?
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Try white toothpaste. Leave it on overnite and wait until its completely dry before you rinse it off.  Keep doing it for six weeks and you will see results, you can also try mixing honey and lemon juice together and leave it on for a few hours..  Hope this helps
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