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Do I have genital warts or something else like pearly penile papules or cysts?

Hello All,

I am concerned that I may have genital warts.  I had one singular bump on the center of my shaft, near the head, but still about 1/2 an inch or so from the shaft. i actually popped this bump about two weeks ago with by squeezing the area with a hot rag, I'm not sure what came out but I know there was a little bit of blood.

After that, the bump went away and a small white spot that looks like scar tissue formed where the bump.  Luckily no infection.

Also, there are 2 TINY bumps on the right and left underside of the head of my penis.

I wen to a doctor today and he said it seemed like genital warts (from my description of the bump in the center and then his visual inspection of the two other tiny bumps.  However, he said he wasn't sure.  So we got another doctor to take a look and he also wasn't sure but though that genital warts was a pretty valid assessment.  They think it could be the early stages.

They also think it could be swollen glands or something, maybe just cyst. They appeared about a month ago.  I am 23 and have only been with two girls.  One about 6 months ago, the other about 3 months ago.

Since they couldn't tell me 100 percent, i decided to have them cut off and sent in for a biopsy... this will leave some little scars but I have to know.  

In the meantime, I can't really think.

What is your assessment?  Anyone?

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