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Do I have perioral dermatitis?

About two weeks ago, I noticed my entire face was sort of flaky, but it was nothing too serious, and it would go away when I washed it. Then a few days later, the skin on the sides of my nose and on the cheek beside the nose were not only flaky but felt pretty dry. As more time went on, the dry patch on the left side of my nose traveled down to above my lip. Eventually, the skin on above and on both sides of my lip were dry and flaky, as well as the skin on my chin, making sort of a ring around my mouth. I looked into it online and discovered periorial dermatitis. All of the symptoms were showing like dry and flaky skin around the mouth and nose, but some things weren't showing up, like dryness around the eyes and red, inflamed bumps. A couple days after, however, I did begin to notice dryness below my eyes and on my eyelid, but it wasn't as bad as it was around my mouth. Some of the   possible causes of perioral dermatitis also stood out to me, like the fact that it may occur before your period (that's about when my mouth got worse), and also that makeup and taking the oral contraceptive pill may cause it. I started using a three step cleanser, and when I use the facial cleanser and it dries, it dries my skin up really badly, so I put on the moisturizer and it appears better, but I can still feel slight stiffness on my face. I do this step at night, and when I wake up in the morning, my face is extremely dry and stiff and I can barely move my mouth, so I apply more moisturizer, but at some point in the day, the skin dries again and begins to flake. It'd really help me to know if I actually have perioral dermatitis (the only reason I doubt it is because I don't have the red bumps), or if I'm just freaking myself out and need to continue to use my three step cleanser.  
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