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Do hair loss treatments actually work?

My husband is very self conscious about the hair on his crown thinning and is curious about the stuff on the market. I've been looking into it and I'm not sure about the "experts" on the sites and dodgy before and after photos. Are there any impartial dermatologists who can vouch for them? If so are there any brands that more highly recommended?

How do they work, once you're on them you can never come off?

Thanks for any answers
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Hi there!
As someone who has also suffered from hair loss, I would advise you to seek professional help to understand your hair loss type at first. And then, you can decide on which treatment you will adopt accordingly.
Now, I know most people would suggest hair implants. It is indeed an effective surgical treatment. But meanwhile, you also need to take into account the fact that it is an invasive treatment that may cause multiple side effects.
There are also non-invasive treatments. Red light therapy is one example. Just like I've mentioned above, I once suffered from hair loss as well. That time I don't want anything invasive, so I choice red light therapy. I bought a red light therapy hat from the brand Scienlodic and started using it immediately. Now 2 months have passed by, and I can really feel my hair growing. It's not very obvious though, I guess it requires continuous use, and that what I am going to do.
I sincerely hope that my answer and my experience can help your husband with his problem.
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There are natural supplements one can take to reduce the excess DHT being released - if that's the cause, that could help prevent further hair loss.  

If it's thinning at the crown, and the hair loss is progressing slowly (over years as one ages) then he could also try a coverup product - I forget the name(s) but it's basically coverup a man puts on the scalp, which is the same color as his hair, and it makes the hair look a lot thicker, works especially well for the crown.  Of course that is not preventing hair loss, or treating the cause, but it will make his hair look thicker, and it's immediate.
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I think so far only Minoxidil has proven to be of any use, and for only some men. And yes, you do have to keep using it. Why don't you suggest he go see a dermatologist, not some flaky hair-loss place, and talk about the options?

A lot of guys do learn to adjust to the fact that hair loss is baked into their genes, and rock the very-short or bald look. I'm thinking of well-known guys who look great, like "the Rock" Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Momoa who just chopped his long locks, Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham. Sure, your husband is probably mourning the loss of what he has counted on before and associating it with youth gone away. But he could be stepping into a new studly phase if he tries.
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