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Does expanding redness = infection in a cut?

I got several cuts due to a fall yesterday, one of which (on my hand and right on a tattoo) has increasing redness around it. In addition, there is a layer of raised and white skin. The wound was cleaned, and had a salt solution as well as antibiotic cream applied to it and the area only has mild pain and there is no discharge. Still, I am unsure if it is infected due to the expanding redness and the white area around it I mentioned before. It happened a little over a day ago so I don't know if this is just part of the healing process or if it is infected.
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You posted this a few days ago- how's the cut doing now?  If you are still seeing more redness, I would be concerned at this point- the day after wouldn't raise a red flag to me.  Keep the cut clean, and if you are still seeing the issue- head in and have it looked at.  Hope the cut is healing for you!
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Thank you! It's doing well, it's scabbed over and doesn't hurt at all - just itches haha
Glad to hear it's doing better!  I hate the itching part, but of course that means it's healing, so it's a good thing.  Hopefully it's done itching for you soon!
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