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Dots on head of penis

Hi. I have three dots of the right side of the head of my penis. This morning I just saw them while taking a shower. The day before I didn't notice anything. I have been matter bating the last couple of days so I thought it would have something to do with it. Again there small three dots that are not smooth. As I touched them they were tiny bumps. They have a color brown with maybe some red. I just wanted to ask to be sure
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Hi and welcome. Some times red dots occur there when taking certain medications. Ive had them before and the doctor prescribed cloderm and did go away but comes back every 6 months or so. He said that meds can bring out an allergic reaction that ends up on the penis tip for some medical reason.
Have you had unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex with a stranger lately?
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I had oral last Saturday night and on Monday I was given Advil for a headache I had. I never taken Advil before for anything. I usually took something different.
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The oral sex was only 2 seconds
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If you had unprotected oral sex recently then you should post this on the STD forum now, to get some advise if you were at risk for something.
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I didn't think it mattered if it lasted only 2 seconds.
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Just to be safe, if it were me i would ask the question. You get some very professional and knowledge replys there. Its most likey nothing.
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Could it be caused from masterbation? Oral sex was Saturday and I didn't see anything until today Tuesday morning. I masterbated a lot Sunday and Monday.
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We cant diagnose here, masterbating could cause this from irritation but unless you see a doctor and have some tests you wont know for sure.
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