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Dry, Flaky, Discolored Skin

I have had dry, flaky, discolored skin under my left brest for about 6 years now. This past year the problem has spread to the area under my right breast, both armpits, parts of my abdomen including my belly button and sides, and more recently my left calf. The areas start out small, dry and flaky with little itching and usually around stretch marks. Over time, the areas become worse with the areas becoming dryer, flakier, discolored and small red streaks have developed under my breasts. My primary care physician told me that it could be Eczema but most of the affected areas rarely itch. He then suggested a fungas overgrowth but he never perscribed anything. I finally got fed up and sought a dermatologist. She told me it's Tinea Versicolor and perscribed a shampoo for me to use. The shampoo kind of worked, clearing up my left armpit and the red streaks (which were only under my left brest at the time). It has been a year and a half since my first visit to the dermatologist. According to my internet research, using the shampoo should have cleared up the fungas and the discoloration would have evened out eventually. I am not so sure I have Tinea Versicolor because my skin doesn't match the pictures I have seen and it's not in the common locations. Also, it never went away. My yearly visit to the dermatologist revealed the same diagnosis (visial inspection only) and and explaination that this will keep coming back.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be? It is embarassing and ugly to look at and the skin in those areas just doesn't feel natural, so I am becoming extremely self conscious especially during intimate situations. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Erythrasma it is,and responds to erythromycin external application.Consult your physician,it is not a serious condition.
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