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Dry, flaky penis

So here is the situation:

Yesterday, I woke up with very dry and flaky skin on the left side of the shaft of my penis (the latter side effect is very clear when i am erect). On top of that, I have an irritation in my rectum that almost feels like a case of hemorrhoids (though no bleeding).  A few years ago I had been diagnosed with a form of prostatitis (I am in my 20's) which I was given antibodics.  The tip of the penis also is very sensitive to the touch (for example hitting across the opening of my boxers) but shows no signs of redness or flaky skin.  Today the flakiness has subsided as well as the irritation in the rectum but the area is still very dry.  As for my sexual history I have had one partner (female) and we used condoms.  I am now in a new relationship but we have not had sexual intercourse yet. We have only gone as far as "dry humping" and her masturbating my penis.  Does this sound like a STD?

Do both of my symptoms seem to be related?  Could the dry skin on the penis be caused by rough masturbation?  Very confused...

Please help!
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No, it does not sound like an STD.  Yes, rough masturbation could cause it.  I advise avoiding too much friction, applying over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone and moisture lotion, and showing your rash to a doctor for definitive diagnosis and, if needed, treatment.


Dr. Rockoff
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