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Dry, red, bumpy patches along my nose area?

What are these dry, red, rough bumps on my face? Around my nose it’s very dry skin and it’s super red. Also below the bumps my pores are dilated and it is only around that area. On the side of my cheeks and temples it’s just flesh colored bumps. I’ve been told by my dermatologist that it is rosacea, and by another skin care expert ive been told that I am too young to have rosacea (I am currently 15). I have also been told these are bursted capillaries from singing since I do sing, and I just don’t know who to believe anymore. Right now I use cetaphil cleanser and cetaphil moisturizer and it doesn’t make it worse and actually  helps, but what are these things and how can I get rid of them? I’ve had them for years now. (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT ***@**** IF YOU NEED PICTURES. I CANNOT UPLOAD FROM A PHONE ON THIS WEBSITE.)
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While 15 is on the younger side for rosacea, you aren't too young for it- typically it effects middle aged women, but you can get it at any point in your life.  From what you are describing, that would be my guess as to what it is. Cetaphil is a pretty gentle cleanser so it would make sense that it wouldn't irritate the rosacea.  Did the dermatologist that diagnosed it as rosacea give you any prescriptions for it?  
Yes she prescribed me metronidazole topical gel. I stopped using it because it was irritating my skin and it was drying it out, although I read that it is a common side effect of using the gel. It also says that I wouldn’t see results until around the 8 week mark but I haven’t consistently used it for that long so I don’t know if it helps my rosacea. Should I start using it again??

The other skin expert I went to see told me that I should use sulfur soap to clean and to use plain Greek yogurt as a mask.
I'd give the dermatologist a call that prescribed it- and I always advise to use any medications prescribed as they are prescribed unless you talk to them about it first.  
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