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Dry Round Itchy Circles on skin

for the past six months i am having Dry Round Itchy Circles on inner thighs, scalp, and on my neck. its getting worse day by day
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Is it small little bumps forming a ring? If so, it's probably ringworm...and it's contagious. It usually starts from a cat scratch, but not always.
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Are they red but also have white flaky skin?  I think it sounds like psoriasis.  I get it on my scalp, neck, around the back of my ears and sometimes inside my ear lobe.  I also get red bumps in some areas but they become round and flat.  They are very itchy at times when they are red and the calm down and become more white and flaky.  Sometimes they connect together and form a large patch over my elbows and ankles, or knees.  I also get spots of it on my hands, fingers.... it is annoying.  Look that up on the internet and look at images and see if that looks like what you have.  

I use a cortisone cream for it.  You can try over the counter at first to see if that helps.  I get a prescription cream from my doctor.
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Im going through the exact same situation and I just turned 26 but Im also under extreme stress and thats not helping one bit, it came out of nowhere when it started getting cold,heres some things Ive heard, no junk food, no white bread ,no soda,no pork or red meat, get alot of sun and dont put your cream on before you go outside.. Are your spots going away at all with treatment or is there no hope for us?
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