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Dry Skin on thighs


I have always had very dry sensitive skin but over the past year I have had a couple of episdoes where my legs particularly my thighs get extremely irritated.  They itch and burn and I get that start out pink in color then turn dark red.  These bumps are not clusted and do not seem to have heads or puss but are sometimes raised.  There are also some white bumps.  None of these bumps are very large.  I had a blood test done for herpes that came back negative.  Please tell me what this is and what I can do to treat it.
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The description you gave indicates either an allergic phenomenon or plain simple dry skin.
have you had any allergic reactions in the past?

You may try some moisturizers in the meantime and also use some OTC anti-histamines.

Do you have any infection sin the past? Fungal or other wise?

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Please be aware that this may be an allergic reaction and be aware of any possible reactions. Keep note of swelling of the face or eyes or difficulty in breathing, because that can be dangerous. Go to a doctor/healthcare facility immediately.

Keep us posted and let us know if you may have any other queries.

Best regards
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The only other skin condition i've had in the past is Shingles and that was when I was quite a bit younger.  The bumps are starting to go away but the itching and burning feeling is still there.  I am going to see a dermatologist next week.
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Let us know what your dermatologist advises.

You could be having allergies to some unknown substance, insect bite or some skin hypersensitivity or dermatitis.

Keep some antiallergic or antihistamine medications like loratadine or cetrizine at hand for your symptoms.

Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions.

Have you had allergic reactions in the past? Are you allergic to any other specific substances?

Try to find out a trigerring factor for your symptoms.

You should consult an allergy specialist or your doctor if your symptoms still persist.

Post us if you have any other doubts and let us know about how you are doing.

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